After reading part 1 of this blog post, you understand the basics of what Empower Network is and how members are able to profit. However, in this blog post I am going to cover the more in-depth topics like the Empower Network downline and the levels of membership.

Your Empower Network Downline

We have already talked about the idea of 100% commissions and how each sale goes directly to the sponsor. However, this also extends to the sponsor’s downline on every 2nd, 4th and 6th sale, and every 5th sale after that. For example, let’s say you bring in a new member, so you are their sponsor. They will get $25 for their first sale, third sale, and so on. However, the commission from their second sale, fourth sale, and so on will go directly to you!

This also keeps extending down the line, so if the person they brought in on their second sale (the $25 went to you) makes a number of sales, their 2nd, 4th, 6th, and every 5th sale after that will also go directly into your bank account! And remember, each $25 sale is residual, so every month each member stays in the program will be another $25 going automatically to you! You should be able to see how this system is incredibly profitable if you bring in new members!

Upgrades and Commissions

Now, there are more levels to the Empower Network system than the basic membership. There is also the inner circle membership (an additional $100 per month), the Costa Rica Intensive Training ($500 one-time fee), and finally the Empower Network $15k per Month Formula ($1000 one-time fee). Each of these additional programs and memberships include an incredible amount of extremely useful information and resources, but I’m simply going to mention another benefit of upgrading. Say you are an Empower Network affiliate and have sponsored a new member (on the basic membership level). They are doing well in the program and told you that they are planning to join the Inner Circle for an additional $100 a month.

You, as the sponsor, will ONLY get the commission for the upgraded membership if you also have purchased the same upgrade! If you are not part of the inner circle and the new member upgrades, the commission will be passed over you and go to your sponsor, or your sponsor’s sponsor- whoever is part of the inner circle. Therefore it is highly recommended to upgrade, and it is necessary to upgrade if you want to make a great deal of money.

The same idea applies to the other, one time payment upgrades. You as the sponsor will only get the commission if you are also a member. However, if you are “all in” and have purchased every upgrade, each new member has the potential to make you $125 each month plus $1500 one time! And, keep in mind, the upper level upgrades will pay for themselves after one sale due to the 100% commissions!

Note that you can still be INCREDIBLY successful with only the basic Empower Network membership!

Many people start off with it until they make enough money to upgrade. However, you need to eventually go all in to get the most out of the Empower Network program!

The first step to make any money with Empower Network is to join the program!  Make a decision to give yourself a better life and click here to join!


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By now, I’m sure you have heard of the Empower Network. It is the most well known network marketing system in the world, with over 100,000 members.

If you haven’t heard of it or don’t know what exactly it is, you’re in luck! In this post, I am going to explain the basics of the Empower Network and how it works.

What is it?

The Empower Network is a viral blogging system meant to teach and assist online marketers.

Newcomers to online marketing love it because of it’s step-by-step, formulaic instructions. The system is home to the most in-depth set of instructional videos, audios, e-books, personal coaching, and team training that I have ever seen. This allows even the most uneducated people to successfully start up their own blog and monetize it to make a constant stream of income.

Experienced marketers love Empower Network due to the fact that it is an authority blogging system. This means that it is one of the most well-known and highly visited blogging systems on the internet, which makes it extremely easy to promote and to drive traffic to your blog. Experienced marketers also love the system for its huge library of resources, which help anyone drive visitors to their blog and sales pages. These marketers take advantage of these benefits to promote not only the system itself, but any other products they are affiliated with.

How do Empower Network Members Make Money?

When you first join Empower Network, you pay the starting monthly fee of only $25 to gain access to your very own authority blog site. This starting fee also grants you access to the 8 core trainings behind the empower Network Program, which I am not able to talk about in detail to all of you non-members. I’ll just say that they are FANTASTIC and will show you exactly how to start making money from your blog.

This $25 membership is the basic membership. It is all you need to get started making money, and it is all you need to be successful on the lowest level (I will explain that more in part 2).

If you would like to be an affiliate for Empower Network, there is an extra monthly fee of $19.95. This gives you access to a large number of squeeze pages (sales pages) that convert very well and bring in a lot of sales if you promote them like the 8 core steps teach you. This also allows you to get sales from each of the Empower Network Banners on your blog.

Many members do not pay to be an Empower Network affiliate, but instead use the authority blog and 8 core steps to promote other programs or products, like Clickbank products. However, it is highly recommended that beginners stick to Empower Network sales only, because they are the easiest to market successfully with the system.

Now, the basis of money making with Empower Network only (as opposed to other products like Clickbank) is to sponsor new members. This can be done by promoting your blog, writing articles, posting on forums; there are hundreds of methods of promoting the system, all of which are outlined in the 8 core trainings. Empower Network also offers 100% commissions on each sale, which means that any members that you sponsor who pay the $25 monthly starting fee will be adding $25 a month to your bank account!

100% Commissions? How is that Possible?

Many people ask how the company is able to profit while offering 100% commissions. This is possible due to the $19.95 affiliate fee. This affiliate fee goes directly to the company, not to the sponsor. However, this is the only fee that does not transfer to the sponsor.

But Wait! There’s More!

This is the basic outline of how Empower Network works and how members are able to make money, but there are still other, more complicated details of the program that make it exponentially more profitable and exciting to be a part of.

To find out more about the other aspects of the program, read part 2 of this blog post tomorrow!

Or, if you have seen enough and want to join the Empower Network team immediately, click here!


I make money blogging online and so can you. To join the team and get started, click here!


There are hundreds of job opportunities in college, from research work to serving food in a cafeteria. However, many of these college jobs are boring, monotonous, or are simply low-paying.

This is why more and more students are turning to online work to pay tuition or to just have some extra cash on hand. Many, unaware of the huge potential to make money online, turn to the safer, boring, and low paying online jobs like transcription and paid surveys.

These online college jobs DO make money. If you stick with them, they will actually make you quite a bit of money. However, the pay is nothing compared to affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

For those of you who have never heard of affiliate marketing, it is the practice in which you sell someone else’s products for a percentage of the cost. For example, say someone is selling an ebook for $50. You would advertise and get in contact with customers to sell the ebook for him, and then take a percentage of the sale price. This percentage is called a “commission” and it is generally between 15% and 60%. Therefore, for every sale you make of the ebook, you would get between$7.50 and $30.

The most famous and widely used affiliate marketing system is Clickbank, which is what I started with as my first online college job. I made a little bit of money, but I was never really good at it. Some marketers out there have huge email lists or are incredibly skilled at advertising, but I am not one of them. So I eventually gave up.

I started looking for a college job that wasn’t online.

Then, just recently, I found a different marketing system. It is called Empower Network. If you haven’t heard about it, I recommend you go and check it out because it is fantastic. First of all, there are 100% COMMISSIONS. That’s right, 100%.


You get all of the money from each sale. It is rather complicated to explain how this is possible, but here is a video that describes it a bit. I use this as my personal college job!

Step-by-Step Instructions

Also, the program includes STEP-BY-STEP INSTRUCTIONS to walk you through everything. The basis of the system is blogging to advertise, which I had never even heard of before I started. There are dozens of training videos, audios, webinars, even personal coaching to help you succeed no matter what.

Empower network is a team. Everyone helps everyone else, because we all want each other to succeed. I can’t tell you how many members I’ve emailed with questions, only to have them email me back immediately with, not only an answer, but resources and specific descriptions of what I should do to get better!

Do some research. See the thousands of success stories, the thousands of raving reviews. Look at the company’s sales report- it is publicly available. Then, when you are ready to join the team and start the best college job you can imagine, click here.

A College Job Team?

By joining the Empower Network team from this page or any links on it, you will also be joining MY team, the Dream Team! We have over a thousand members and counting, and we also have our own set of additional trainings and coaching to help you do well in your new college job.  I will also give you my personal contact information if you join the team, and I will be available to help you with anything you need throughout the program.

So, what are you waiting for? Click here to start your new college job!


I make money blogging online and so can you. To join the team and get started, click here!


This summer, I am going to study abroad in Rome.

My Family Loves Italy

I have always loved the thought of going to Rome. Half of my family is from Italy, and I grew up hearing stories and learning little bits of the language whenever I visited my grandparents.

Then, when my Dad was remarried a few years ago, they took their honeymoon in Italy. After returning, he told me all about the amazing architecture, art, and culture that is everywhere in the country. He especially loved Rome and Florence, and told me all about the artistic masterpieces scattered around the cities.

I Adore Italian Art

I have always been very artistic. I took every art class available in high school, and even a few classes at a local college. In every one of those classes I learned about artists such as Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, and Raphael, all of whom are from Italy. I learned about the magnificent works of art in the Sistine chapel, the frescoes all over the country, and about sculptures like the statue of David.

I think the art of Italy was what eventually made me want to study abroad. A few months ago I realized that I wouldn’t have many opportunities like this- to spend an extended time surrounded by so much history and art. To study abroad would give me the chance to learn about all of these artists by observing their actual works, unlike any other class I have taken before.

My Study Abroad Classes

While I study abroad, I am going to take two classes. One of them I’m not sure of yet, but it will likely be an Italian language course. The other, the one that I am incredibly excited to start, is an Italian sketchbook, or Italian drawing class. I will be improving my drawing by learning from the Italian masters.

This is why I chose to Study Abroad in Rome. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to take a drawing class in one of the artistic capitals of the world. It will be amazing to be immersed in the culture that my ancestors were a part of. And, while I study abroad, I will learn about a country and culture much different than that of America.

Funding My Study Abroad

However, there was still the issue of funding the study abroad trip. My Dad agreed to pay for a majority, but I still want to put as much money into it as possible. So, I started looking online for jobs (after applying all around campus). I ended up finding the Empower Network, and I decided to give it a try.

I’ve tried online jobs before. transcription, paid surveys, clickbank affiliate marketing, you name it. Just about anything that is online has been attempted by me at some point, with no success.

Empower Network is different. It is a step-by-step formula that works. It just works. Plus, you have the backing of hundreds of other members who are willing to help you out with anything you need.

So, I’m urging you to go check out the free video here. Even if you are already employed, or don’t think it will work for you, or whatever, just watch the video. Also, if you join from that link, you will be a part of my team, the Dream Team. This means that me and all the other team members will give you access to all of our extra trainings, personal coaching, and resources to make sure you are successful.

Go try it out. Or just do some research and see the thousands of success stories. Then, once you join, maybe you’ll decide to go to Rome too.


I make money blogging online and so can you. To join the team and get started, click here!



3 Reasons I Love Kayaking


Ever since I started working at camp four years ago (which I think everyone should do at some point) and learned how to kayak, I have taken every opportunity I can to get out on the water in one of those little boats.

Over the years, I have found three major aspects of kayaking that make it as incredible, as therapeutic, and as large a part of my life as it is today.


1. The Peace

Nothing I have ever experienced is as peaceful as the feeling of being out on still water, alone in a kayak. The soft sound of water splashing against the boat’s side, the songs of the birds in the trees. It is as if the whole world stops, the whole of civilization simply pauses for a few minutes.


On my kayak, I feel like I can appreciate the beauty of nature more than any other time. At night, the feeling of peace is even stronger. From the darkness, to the stars, to the fact that even the birds are silent, there is nothing like it.


The peace that comes with kayaking is my favorite part of the hobby.


 2. The Rush

There are two basic types of kayaking: stillwater and whitewater. Stillwater is the kind I mentioned above, the peaceful kayaking.


Whitewater, on the other hand, is kayaking in rapids or rushing water. For this kind of kayaking, a skinnier, rounder type of kayak is generally used. This allows for more speed and the ability to flip yourself upright if you get tipped over. Whitewater kayaking is much more dangerous than stillwater, but with the risk comes an incredible rush. As with all of the thrill-seeker types of sports, whitewater kayaking releases a large amount of endorphins and adrenaline (I’m not sure about all of the chemicals).

While speeding down rivers and through rapids, there is a feeling of euphoria and a thrill unlike any other feeling I’ve ever had.


3. The People

When I first learned to kayak at camp, I didn’t appreciate the peacefulness. I also didn’t whitewater kayak until two years later, so I had no idea of the rush that comes with kayaking when I was starting. Instead, the thing that got me to love the hobby was the people I learned with.

Kayaking is easy enough that a beginner can maneuver and get around confidently, but hard enough that it is better to learn with others. Even now, kayaking with someone for their first time is one of my favorite parts of the entire hobby. Learning the basic strokes and helping each other after tipping over can bring people together faster than most other things I’ve experienced.


Boating and kayaking together at camp helped me create some of the best friendships I have today.


The people you meet while kayaking are definitely one of the most amazing parts of it.


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